Believe it or not, Kibi Senior High Technical School (KISHTS) has become a force to reckon with in the East Akim Municipal of the Eastern Region of Ghana in recent years.
In times past, the only names one heard were Abuakwa State College(ABUSCO) and Ofori Panin Senior High (OPASS), in terms of academic excellence, sports, drama etc.
KISHTS, which has as its slogan (ATIEFO), although relatively younger in years, has been a delight in recent years.
Starting with Drama, the School conquered the whole country and had the opportunity to travel to South Africa in the year 2010. This attracted the King of Zulu State to travel down to the Country, Specifically Kyebi, during the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Kibi Senior High Technical School.
This hallmark is an achievement none of the schools within the East Akim Municipality has been able to achieve.
Talk of Sports, and then you will know that the Kibi District has had as it’s powerhouse Kibi Senior High Technical School, when it comes to representatives during sports competitions.
Then comes Debate, and for two successive years the “BABY SCHOOL” has defiled all odds and outclassed the “Mugabe’s” of East Akim.
The school has proven without doubt that given the needed facility the whole country will start wishing their wards are admitted.
In the recent Regional competition for the 61st Independence Day Debate contest, 22 schools coming from various districts and municipals within the region converged at Oyoko Methodist Senior High School to battle for the one slot to represent the region at the National level.
It must be said that, Kibi Senior High Technical School, representing the East Akim municipal ended up writing it’s name on the map of Ghana, as far as academic display of intelligence is concerned.
One needn’t a soothsayer to determine the outcome of the contest.
Although KISHTS couldn’t win the contest, all saw what is in the school.
Academic prowess has been the priority of the school and for the reason, the leadership.
But, it’s very pathetic and heart-breaking when one travels to see the structures of the school.
The school although bears the name of Kibi has been ignored and neglected. Nothing is done for the school infrastructure-wise.
A school which houses about 1,700 students can only boast of two dormitory blocks, one for girls and one for boys.
  • About 90% of the teaching staff are resident outside the school.
  • No better place to call dinning hall.
  • Not enough classroom blocks for academic work.
Do not get it wrong, but compared to ABUSCO, OPASS, among other schools in the municipality, Kibi senior high technical school is very disadvantaged.
Not very long ago, a group of inspectors visited the school for a proposed Information Technology Laboratory to be set up for the school because it offers ICT as an examinable course.

Interestingly, this project never found its way in the school. The next minute it was said that because of ABUSCO’s 85th anniversary celebration the project had been given to them. Why? ABUSCO doesn’t offer elective ICT as a course. So why this partiality?

Although an old Student of ABUSCO, I believe Kibi Senior High Technical School must be upgraded.
The school is “facility-sick”.
Seriously? Are we serious? Are some schools more important than others?what happened to equity?
The stakeholders of Kyebi must prioritize Kibi Senior High Technical School and they will make Kyebi proud.
Immediate measures must be put in place to see to the rise of KISHTS.
  • Long Live Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin (The Great Okyehene)
  • Long live Kyebi Abontendom Hene
  • Long live Atiefo!
Michael Anim, (working for society and posterity)

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