The teaching profession will not grow because of the teacher, and not the politician.

We talk plenty under trees, in the staff common room, and anywhere else with fine ideas. However, when a teacher climbs to the top, he serves his parochial interest and forgets he has sat somewhere giving fine ideas as to how the profession will grow.

You have been able to bring unions together to embark on a nationwide strike because less than 30 percent of teachers have their salary arrears not paid? Instead of making it an item on a list of challenges such as responsibility allowance trickling down to basic level, rent allowance etc?

Leadership meet government and put nothing better on the table for discussion. They look on when the government visits us with policies that seem to punish the teacher for being a teacher.

Today, we are all at the bottom with fine ideas but when we get to the top those at the bottom become enemies. We insist they work well without good conditions of service. In fact, I will never blame any government for the woes of the teacher, I blame the teacher because we don’t want to see each other progressing. And, until that mentality changes we will continue to be at where we are and that’s my opinion, blame the teacher and not the politician.

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